Are there many nudists and naturists in Cap d’Agde?

Are there still many nudists and naturists in Cap d’Agde?

Yes, we estimate that about half of all visitors who come to Cap d’Agde love to go there purely for nudism and naturism. They don’t want to have anything to do with public sex and swinging. This is an estimate and not based on in-depth research. It is no longer easy to distinguish nudists and naturists from swingers when they are nude.

In the past this was easier because swingers are usually completely shaved in the intimate zone where nudists and naturists grew a lot of hair on that same spot. Nowadays this is hardly applicable anymore. There are swingers (especially from parts other than western Europe) that don’t shave completely, and you can see nudists and naturists who do shave completely, so this gives little clues anymore.

We can say with some certainty that there are many couples and families present at the camping site who are not swingers. We have spoken with couples in the past, who were not even aware of the fact that swingers were present on the terrain. On the northern part of the nudist beach (towards the harbor) are also many people who visit Cap d’Agde, and only want to sunbathe naked and walk around nude, but absolutely nothing more than that.

Cap d’Agde has a group of elderly people (particularly French) too, who have been coming here for many decades and sometimes even three or more generations from the same family. Those people are truly naturists and nudists and are coming to Cap d’Agde from day one. As you can understand, this will eventually come to an end in a natural way. The naturist campsite started in 1956. This means that if they came here with their parents as a baby, they are at around 65 years old now. If they came to Cap d’Agde in 1956 on their own, in their early twenties, they are now close to 85.

You can see those men and women of respectable age walking around in Cap d’Agde. Often they are playing pétanque, at the campsite, in Venus Village Heliovillage or Heliopolis. Some of these elderly people have bought an apartment or small villa here a very long time ago and are coming back to Cap d’Agde every year. Sometimes they even live there from April until September. It goes without saying that these people are not swinging at the age of 85. They only want to recreate naked.

There is plenty to do at Cap d’Agde for nudists and naturists. The world’s largest naturist resort offers many places where you can walk around naked 24/7. There are seven swimming pools where you can recreate naked. It has a wide and stretched nudist beach of 2 km long, and a great large naturist campsite where also many naturist sporting activities can be done.

In short, yes, there are still plenty of nudists and naturists in Cap d’Agde. Lovers of nudism and naturism will always continue coming here to experience a unique nude vacation in Cap d’Agde. But we think that the percentage of swingers will become even more bigger in the coming ten years.

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