Swingers club Glamour Cap d’Agde

Glamour, also known as “Le Glamour” is a special swingers club to which we dedicate a separate FAQ page. This club is famous in France and far beyond that, for its naked foam parties, or as the French call it, the mousse parties. Glamour was the first club ever where this nude foam parties, where organized and it is also the only club where hundreds of couples can be found every afternoon for this nude mousse parties, which are actually big sex parties in the open air.

Also anno 2016 Glamour is the only place in the world where massive nude foam parties take place. In some other parts of this planet, they have tried to copy the success of the naked mousse parties, but the amount of people which come to those places are sort of pathetic compared to the success of Glamour.

A mousse party is only fun when there are sufficient people. If there are e.g. 20 couples on a big dance floor than there is only little interaction between this couples. If you want to make this work then you have to be sure you have a very small dance area. Luckily Glamour never had this problem. The foam parties in Glamour are a big hit, ever since they started in 2009. There are always enough interesting couples to choose from.

But the club is not only open during the days. Also in the evening you can find many swingers in Glamour, and a lot of sex is going on in here as well during the nightlife.

Despite this club is very famous and very well visited, especially in the weekends, it is not a very big or luxurious club. Compared to several other clubs in Europe such as fun4two in the Netherlands, you might even say it is a little bit simple. But who cares, if you are a lover of erotics, flirting, dancing, swinging, naughty outfits and public sex, you will like glamour during daytime and during nighttime.

Very soon the faq about Le Glamour will follow underneath.