In the naked city of Cap d’Agde they are plenty of restaurants to choose from but we will not give rating to the different restaurants. We are no food critics and the menus and the food quality, and even the owners are changing regularly, so we are not going to give good or bad critics on the quality of the food for specific restaurants.

However we will give a brief description below of what you can expect in Cap d’Agde concerning the restaurant scene and we will also address a number of general questions about nudism in relation to eating out

The most important good news is that you do not have to starve in Cap d’Agde. You can go dining in the naturist resort in dozens of restaurants and other places, where you can eat. And there are also several takeaways in case this better suits your needs, for example when your partner is sleeping completely exhausted or drunk after a foam party. The take-away restaurants / eating houses can be identified by the sign ‘a emporter’ somewhere near the entrance.

In addition to the many regular restaurants where you can usually choose from a typically French or international menu, you can also find specialty restaurants for example specialized in seafood, Thai food and Indian food. There are also several pizzerias, where beside pizza you can buy whole roasted chickens, salads and (french) fries. There is even a Belgian snack bar in the nudist village.

Do you not feel like eating out nor cooking yourself, then you can go to a good caterer in Heliopolis where you can find various fresh cooked meals and salads. Also in Port Ambonne you can find a specialty store where you can buy warm meals. But these caterers are far from cheap and in some cases eating out will be a lot cheaper. Unlike the prices for drinks in some clubs, eating out is very affordable.

Of course you also have the possibility to leave the nudist resort and find a restaurant outside the resort. In the center of the town Cap d’Agde you will find a lot of good restaurants. Even the fast food junkies will be satisfied: about 15 minutes driving from the naturist resort (next to the big supermarket Hyper U in Cap d’Agde) you’ll find a McDonalds which is open 24/7.

Soon we will answer here some questions about the restaurants in the naturist resort Cap d’Agde.