How are private swingers parties formed?

How do private parties for swingers in Cap d’Agde arise?

Normally, you can’t just walk in at a private swingers party. The name says it all, they are real private parties at people’s homes (at least in their holiday home). These parties are not public and therefore not accessible to everyone. So you must have had an invitation, otherwise there is a good chance that the door will remain closed to you. Exceptions can occur. In rare cases when a uninvited couple knocks at the door, they can come in.

Private parties for swingers can arise in many ways.
Most of them occur entirely spontaneously. Swingers couples can meet by chance on various occasions, such as in a swingers club, in a swingers bar, at the foam party, on the beach, in the sauna, at a meet and greet in Eden, Babylon or Melrose, etc. Very often it involves just two couples who go to each other’s private apartment or studio to have another drink and like to do wife swapping. This can also be three or more couples, who start dating each other spontaneously. Especially at the foam party there are often groups of swingercouples who leave the foam party together, to go to a private accommodation for a nice after sexparty .

In addition to the spontaneous private parties, there are also private parties for swingers, that are announced more or less in advance. You may receive an invitation for this, for example, to come by tonight or tomorrow evening in a particular apartment, studio or villa, where a private swingers party is being organized. In some cases parties are announced on a swingers dating site like sdc (you can find a link in the right menu at the top).
Some parties are only for a few couples, while at other parties there can be twenty couples present. This depends on the size of the holiday accommodation, they are generally not very spacious in Cap d’Agde.

Finally, there are the private parties that are more or less just normal swingers dates. Swingers often arrange in advance swinging dates with couples, via a swingers dating site. So they can meet each other later in Cap d’Agde. Once in Cap d’Agde they contact each other via the swingers dating website or Whatsapp to arrange a private party, whereby one couple visits the other couple. Here too it can happen that several couples are involved at the same time, but usually this is a 1 on 1 date, that is to say a 2 on 2 date, because of course a minimum of four people are involved in traditional partner swapping. But it also happens regularly that several couples meet at a private location at the same time, or a couple is dating a single man or woman.

It doesn’t matter much how the private party is organized: you don’t go there just for a drink or to have a look. You can count on a lot of sex and swinging and the organisers expect you to be sexually active as well.

If you want to organize a party yourself, you can announce this via the website mentioned above and / or exchange contact details in advance with a number of other swingers couples who are going to Cap d’Agde. If you feel that you want to organize a huge private party and want to rent a big party location in Cap d’Agde within the naturist area, then we can tell you that this will not work. The people who run Cap d’Agde , don’t allow competition and will not cooperate in this. Blondonblond, a well-known swingers party organizer in the past, has tried this many times, but eventually had to move to a location outside the Cap d’Agde naturist terrain.

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