The nudist centre of Cap d’Agde

The naturist resort of Cap d’Agde is part of the town Cap d’Agde in the South of France. It is located at the Mediterranean, 30 minutes away by car from Montpellier. If you want to know more about the town Cap d’Agde, you can visit the general information page about this town.

At this page we focus on a special part of Cap d’Agde namely the nudist village. This is a gated area which is protected from the outside world by walls, fences and water and it cannot be easily accessed, if you don’t belong her.

Every year tens of thousands of nudists and naturists come to this part of Cap d’Agde to celebrate their holiday naked and to enjoy the benefits of naturism and nudism during vacation time. But in the course of years, this place has become more and more popular with swingers. And anno 2016 we can say that also tens of thousands of swingers are going to Cap d’Agde every year to party and meet other swingercouples. The original visitors from Cap d’Agde are certainly not happy with this noisy, partying swingers.

What makes Cap d’Agde so unique in the world?
Almost everything makes Cap d’Agde very special and unique in the world. It can not be compared to any other swingers resort or nudist resort anywhere.
Cap d’Agde contains the biggest nudist center and swingers center of Europe and even the biggest worldwide. There is no place anywhere which has the same dimensions and amount of visitors as Cap d’Agde has every year. Each summer tens of thousands of nudists, naturists and swingers are coming to Cap d’Agde to enjoy everything, it has to offer.

Where can i book a holiday / vacation to Cap d’Agde?
Through this website you can book your nudist holiday to Cap d’Agde directly online on the Internet and receive immediate confirmation of your booking. With this confirmation, your reservation for your holiday accommodation in Cap d’Agde, will be guaranteed. This in contrast to the French websites where it can be rather difficult and result in a very disappointing experience when you find out the booking you made got lost.

Where is the nudist town of Cap d’Agde located?
The naked city of Cap d’Agde can be found in the South of France. This seaside resort can be reached by highway A9. If you follow the signs Le Cap d’Agde at the exit, you can not miss it. The naturist area of Cap d’Agde is located at the outskirts of this town in the northeast of Le Cap d’Agde.
Once you have arrived in Cap d’Agde, you can find the nudist center by following the yellow signs wih the text “Quartier Naturiste”, which are frequently placed at most roundabouts and crossings.

How to get access to the nudist resort?
The nudist resort of Cap d’Agde can not be accessed freely. The whole area is protected against the outside world by fences, walls and water. At the entrance you will be stopped by security and barriers. To get access to Cap d’Agde you’ll need to have a special pass. Both daytrippers as people who have booked a vacation need a special access card which you will need, to get in and out the naturist center.

Is nudity obliged in the nudist town?
This all depends in which area of the nudist center you are staying at that moment.
In general one might say that at the streets and in the village there is no obligation to be naked. However there are places where nudity really is obliged.
Also you must be aware that you have booked a vacation or bought a day pass in a nudist center. Although there is no obligation to be naked everywhere, people are kind of expecting that you are not fully dressed continuously. If you have problems with watching naked people, or you hate to be naked yourself, maybe a visit to a nudist resort is not the best thing to do for you.

Is public sex allowed in the nudist center?
Officially public sex is not allowed anywhere in France. The French law is very clear about this. This also applies for the nudist city in Cap d’Agde. But this doesn’t mean public sex in Cap d’Agde doesn’t happen. On the contrary, many sexual activities are happening on public places which are forbidden. Police officers often look the other way when sex in public takes place.

Can i bring my dogs/ pets to Cap d’Agde ?
Yes dogs and other normal pets are allowed at the nudist resort of Cap d’Agde. When you are in the nudist city, you can see relatively a lot of people who are walking around with their dog(s). But this does not automatically mean, that pets are allowed anywhere in the nudist city. Unfortunately in many holiday accommodation within the nudist center, it is not allowed to bring your pets. But luckily in some other accomodations, you can.

Can I make films and take photos in public?
Taking pictures and filming with a camera or your phone is a very delicate matter at the nudist resort of Cap d’Agde. This is because of the fact that many people are being naked.
As long as you are in Cap d’Agde you have no problems that people are seeing you nude and most of the people step out their clothes in Cap d’Agde without any feelings of shame. But it’s a completely different story if your picture is taken and you will find yourself on some websites later.

What is the best time to visit Cap d’Agde ?
One of the most frequently asked questions is: When is the best time to visit Cap d’Agde. The nudist resort of Cap d’Agde officially never closes, because there are also a few hundreds residents who live here permanently. But the tourist season starts in the first week of April and ends in the last week of September. If you don’t go within this period, you will find a Cap d’Agde which will be very quiet.

If you have another questions about the nudist resort of Cap d’Agde, please let us know.