The nudists and naturists of Cap d’Agde

The nudist resort of Cap d’Agde anno 2016 can’t be compared in any way to the nude resort Cap d’Agde of yesteryear. When it was founded in 1956 it had the goal to be a quite place for people who love nudism and naturism.

In those days it all started with the nudist camping site, a family place for nudists and naturists, where people could be naked the whole day in a quiet and peaceful surroundings.
Nowadays, lots of ugly concrete buildings, in the form of apartments, studios, villas and hotels are very present at the nudist village and the camping site only covers around 50% of the whole nudist resort anymore.

The quiet place where you could enjoy nudism and naturism no longer exists. In many places this has been replaced by the party beats of swingers parties, which starts around 2 o’clock in the afternoon and ends around 2 o’clock at night.

That means if you are lucky. Some swinger places are open until 4 and even 7 o’clock in the morning, but usually you don’t hear the sounds from this, because they are isolated very well. But you can be so unfortunate that a private swingers party is going on at your neighbor’s place and in that case you have no clue when this party will stop.
Also the hotel Babylon can cause a lot of noise in the middle of the night, caused by swingers who spontaneously turn on the sound system at the pool while make their own after-party.

Nudists and naturists are not happy about this. At night they don’t want to party and they don’t want to have sex with other couples, they just want to sleep. So they can enjoy the nature and sunset the next day at 06:00 AM. Also they don’t like the hedonism lifestyle and libertinage of the swingers. According to the nudists, swingers are changing more often from sexpartner than they change their socks. The swingers lifestyle does not match at all with the naturist lifestyle and it is hard for them to live in peace at the same place.
In the past swingers club Glamour has been set on fire and also swingers pool parties where sabotaged.

Nudists and naturists are pretty frustrated and there is very little they can do against the swingers scene. The frustration is understandable. A good example of this can be found in Heliovillage. This always was a very quiet and peaceful area, which was mainly occupied by older nudists and naturists. Around 2009 a new, very expensive hotel was built next to Heliovillage. The visitors of this hotel are people who are rich and have a lot money to spend. And those rich people want to party at night. So at a certain moment in time, the hotel decided to organize rooftop-parties. These parties caused a lot of noise for the people of Heliovillage. Also these parties were swingers parties. Sometimes you could see the people having sex on the roof. For the old nudists and naturists in Heliovillage this was not a pleasant sight.

In short, the proud homeowners of Heliovillage, who could still enjoy their nudist holiday in relatively peace until 2010, now realized that the quietness was gone and the mainly old people now pocessed a house in a noisy swingers area. But we must confess in 2015 we had the impression, it was not so noisy anymore as in the years before. Maybe the naturists and nudists booked a little success here, but in general the swingers are winning the battle.

At this moment there are still many nudists and naturists left, but the time is ticking against them. A lot of the people who love nudism and naturism have a certain respectable age and in the near future, there will be a day they cannot come to Cap d’Agde anymore. It can be expected that Cap d’Agde will become more and more a swingers resort instead of a nudist resort.
However there will always be room for nudists and naturists as well. Some places such as the camping, are relatively quiet (especially at night) and are still very suitable for nudism and naturism. Many families have come here for three or more generations and they will not be chased away by the swingers.


Is Cap d’Agde still a good place to visit for nudists and naturists?
Considering the fact, so many swingers go to Cap d’Agde and so many parties are actually sexparties, a lot of nudists and naturists, who have never been to Cap d’Agde, wonder if this place is suitable for nudism and naturism? In our view, Cap d’Agde still has enough to offer for nudists and naturists today.

What is the difference between nudism and naturism?
On this website we frequently use the terms nudists and naturists in addition to each other and the associated terms nudism and naturism. But what is the difference between those two. Many people think that this is exactly the same. This is only partly true, naturism is more than nudism.

Can you find many nudists and naturists in Cap d’Agde??
Yes, we estimate that about half of all visitors who come to Cap d’Agde love to go there purely for nudism and naturism. They don’t want to have anything to do with public sex and swinging. This is an estimate and not based on in-depth research. It is no longer easy to distinguish nudists and naturists from swingers when they are nude.