Is public sex allowed in Cap d’Agde

Is public sex allowed in the nudist resort of Cap d’Agde?

Officially public sex is not allowed anywhere in France. The French law is very clear about this. This also applies for the nudist city in Cap d’Agde. But this doesn’t mean public sex in Cap d’Agde doesn’t happen. On the contrary, many sexual activities are happening on public places which are forbidden. Police officers often look the other way when sex in public takes place.

It is good to realize that there is a difference between public and semi public. Every place where anybody can go to, we can consider as public.

The naturist area of Cap d’Agde officially is a shielded area, but you can consider this as a public place, because tens of thousands of people are present here, including families with children. Besides that, public sex is not something you expect in a nudist resort. When you book a vacation in Cap d’Agde with your family, as nudist or naturist family you have no clue that Cap d’Agde is infested with swingers who like to have sex in public.

People who love nudism and naturism go to Cap d’Agde, just to be naked. They have an aversion of sex in public and even more of sex swapping partners.
Yet a lot of this kind of things are happening on some public places. Especially on the swingers beach and the dunes next to this beach in the afternoon and beginning of the evening. Men who are fingering their partner and women who are playing with the stiff cock of their husband can be seen very frequently on the swingers beach. But it also goes a lot further than that.

Oral sex can be seen a lot. Men who are licking a vagina and women who give long public blowjobs are not uncommon. If you look closely around you, it won’t take very long before you can see couples who are fucking their own partner or the partner of somebody else. Threesomes, foursomes and other forms of group sex in public are no exception either.

This all takes place on the nude beach of Cap d’Agde (on the swinger beach to be precisely) during the afternoon and beginning of the evening in broad daylight and can be seen by hundreds/ thousands of people who are present at that beach at that moment as well. So many public sexual activities are happening on the swingers beach. This sex show also attracts a lot of single men, who are not ashamed to walk around on the beach with a boner. Many men are masturbating while they are standing on the beach watching a couple having sex.

When it is dark, in the late evening and at night, you can still find people who are having public sex on the beach and in the dunes. Also at night at the Marina close to Melrose and Eros, you can find couples having sex on the street and also some threesomes are taking place here.

Next to this public places, there are this so-called semipublic places.
Such as the most hotels on the nudist center of Cap d’Agde, the foam party, the pool party, the saunas and the swingers clubs. These places are not really public, because you have to pay to get in and also you have to be 18+. But in there you also see things which you might not expect at first sight.

Imagine a nudist couple who go to Cap d’Agde for the first time. When they discover there is a foam party, they might decide to go in and have a look. At the entrance they will find out that nudity is obliged, but that won’t be a big problem for them because they are nudists and are used to being naked.
From the outside it is absolutely not clear what is really happening inside. So after the nudist couple unsuspectingly bought a ticket and entered the mousse party, they will probably get a big shock, because in fact they stepped into a massive public sex party.

In peak season at certain days, there can be around 250-300 naked couples inside and most of them are swingers. We have never counted the couples who show some sexual activity here, but our best guess is that 90%-95% of the people who go to the naked foamparty, will at some point, have some sexual activity with their own partner or somebody else.

With so many naked couples together and so many sexual activities taking place, you can really speak of an enormous public sex party. During the afternoon hundreds of other people are having sex and can watch you having sex. The foam party area is no dark place. It has walls, but there is no roof, so the sun is shining on your dick while your partner is giving you a blowjob in public and this can be seen by anybody who is around.

On the beach you sometimes have to search a little to see a couple who is having sex. On the foam party it is more like you have to find a place where no people are having sex. Literally anywhere you can find couples who are having oral sex, are fucking or are sex swapping with another partner. And apart from the couples who really came to this foamparty and had no clue what was going on, nobody will feel akward about that you are walking around with a stiff dick or that you are fucking someone.

The foam parties in Cap d’Agde really are a sort of swingers paradise and are perfect for lovers of public sex. But for the nudist couple who entered the mousse party unsuspectingly, this huge public sex orgy can be a shocking experience.

So in certain places in Cap d’Agde sex in public is allowed.
But be aware: public sex is not tolerated anywhere. At the camping site and lots of other places it really is forbidden. E.g in Helliovillage when you are caught by the police, you can expect a fine of €10,000. At least that is the message they are trying to give you to discourage public sex. Also in Port Nature and Heliopolis public sex is not allowed. However if you sit on your balcony you should not be surprised if you can see the neighbors having sex at their balcony, because they like being watched.

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